To support the running and development of the network, Reference is coordinated by Dumi Holdis, Maike Olij, and Lucas Batt.

Dumi Holdis

Dumitrița is a project coordinator, researcher and podcast enthusiast based in Budapest, Hungary. She has experience in managing research projects, conducting studies on media funding, forms of cooperation in journalism and media innovation. She is trained as a sociologist and prior to joining the Reference Circle she has worked in universities and in the non-profit sector in Hungary and Romania.

At Reference Dumi manages the network’s everyday activities, while also working on organisational development and advocacy.

Maike Olij

Maike is an Amsterdam based journalism researcher, consultant and innovator. She launched the Reference network in 2021 and has been coordinating it since. With a background in broadcast journalism, Maike works as a freelance consultant to help newsrooms in digital transition, develop new formats and establish valuable relationships with their audiences. She’s also a board member of the Dutch Journalism Fund.

At Reference Maike works on strategic coordination, stakeholder management and external representation. Maike leads the coordination team.

Lucas Batt

Lucas is a community engagement and independent media consultant based in Bristol, UK. He has over eight years experience pioneering community-driven local media, previously working at the intersection of community + journalism + revenue at the Bristol Cable as Membership and Fundraising Lead. He is an experienced small newsroom manager, and was a member of Reference in his role at the Bristol Cable.

At Reference, Lucas focuses on supporting the network to learn from and support each other, through knowledge exchange, building connections, and working together on hard problems for independent media. He also coordinates Reference’s communications.