Talking HR

In May 2022, the Reference circle got together in Mechelen, Belgium, together with a few Civitates grantees. In a session, the participants discussed the challenges they face in Human Resource management. In three rounds they exchanged best practices, tips and questions in small groups on the following questions:

  1. How to combine finite projects with activities that need to be carried out year-round ?
  2. How to find and train the best editorial ánd non-editorial people?
  3. How to keep your staff happy and healthy?

Throughout, the participants encouraged each other to take the non-editorial seriously and to scale up early: “Dare to take that step and give serious attention to the non-editorial tasks at hand. Think a little bigger and you will grow from there.” At the same time, it is essential to connect these non-editorials with the rest of the team: “Educate all staff about each other’s responsibilities and contributions to the bigger cause. Respect the professions by expressing their added value.”

Reference will continue to support the members in their efforts to make the non-editorial part of their organisation just as important and vital as the editorial.