Valuable Conversations

We’ve been having a lot of valuable conversations recently, both inside the network and outside of it. Some key questions at the centre of the Journalism Value Project are What is the value of independent public interest journalism? and How can it be better supported? Answers to these might be obvious to those working in the space: incredibly important … Read more

Design Thinking for Solidarity: Fostering Collaboration in the European Public-Interest Media Sector

On Friday 2 June 2023, at Dataharvest in Mechelen, we hosted a Design Thinking for Solidarity workshop, bringing together approximately 15 participants from the Reference Circle network and grantees by Civitates. The two networks co-organized the workshop. We set out to explore ways to promote solidarity among audiences within the European public-interest media sector.  Below … Read more

Voices of independent media from the 2023 International Journalism Festival

A few weeks ago, members of Reference went to speak, listen, learn and be inspired at the 17th International Journalism Festival in Perugia. Here we’ve collected some reflections on our experience, what we learned this year, and what we hope for next year’s festival. Highlights Networking & inspiration “If there is a paradise for journalists, … Read more

Reference is going to Perugia

Do you want to know how we can truly monetise independent journalism’s value for society? Join Reference’s panel at the 2023 Perugia Journalism Festival! With Sofia da Palma Rodrigues (Divergente), Jan-Willem Sanders (Follow the Money), Peter Matjašič (Investigate Europe) and moderated by Sanne Schim van der Loeff (Arena for Journalism in Europe). It’s hard for … Read more

Talking HR

In May 2022, the Reference circle got together in Mechelen, Belgium, together with a few Civitates grantees. In a session, the participants discussed the challenges they face in Human Resource management. In three rounds they exchanged best practices, tips and questions in small groups on the following questions: Throughout, the participants encouraged each other to … Read more