Reference is going to Perugia

Do you want to know how we can truly monetise independent journalism’s value for society? Join Reference’s panel at the 2023 Perugia Journalism Festival! With Sofia da Palma Rodrigues (Divergente), Jan-Willem Sanders (Follow the Money), Peter Matjašič (Investigate Europe) and moderated by Sanne Schim van der Loeff (Arena for Journalism in Europe). It’s hard for … Read more

Talking HR

In May 2022, the Reference circle got together in Mechelen, Belgium, together with a few Civitates grantees. In a session, the participants discussed the challenges they face in Human Resource management. In three rounds they exchanged best practices, tips and questions in small groups on the following questions: Throughout, the participants encouraged each other to … Read more

Reference argues for infrastructural funding

In a recent Consultation the European Commission is gathering information on the current and emerging problems related to media freedom and pluralism. The Commission asks stakeholders to submit evidence and concrete data underpinning the problems identified, and their views on the potential policy approach, options and impacts. As Reference, we submitted the a position paper … Read more

Independent media in Europe sticking together

Being the head of an independent public interest medium can be quite lonely. Especially when it comes to handling managerial issues in the organisation. At the same time, more and more of these independent outlets have been established throughout Europe in the past years. In order to solve organisational problems that nobody can solve alone, … Read more