Episode 4: Divergente co-founders Diogo Cardoso and Sofia da Palma Rodrigues on how to grow and diversify

In this episode we talk to Diogo Cardoso and Sofia da Palma Rodrigues, the co-founders of Divergente, a digital magazine of in-depth narrative journalism based in Portugal.

Launched in 2014, Divergente began as an idea for them to produce the kind of journalism they believed in: telling the stories of underrepresented people, contextualised, in-depth, investigative, and beautifully presented.

Ten years later, Divergente has evolved into an award winning professional newsroom, with a full time team of five producing the kind of multimedia stories they originally set out to do.

In this episode we discuss Divergente’s journey, how they operate as a multidisciplinary team, and how they have stayed true to the project’s goals while growing. We delve into their approach to community engagement, the revenue opportunities for sustaining this kind of journalism, the funding paths which are not worth taking, and looking to the future for sustaining independent journalism projects like Divergente.