The Journalism Value Loop

The Loop is a Journalism Value project podcast, brought to you by Reference.

We are interviewing the members of our network about key challenges for them, ranging from funding and business models, to community engagement and organisational structures, as we explore what success and sustainability looks like for European independent media today.

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Episode 1: Zoltán Sipos on jumping the fence and breaking the progressive bubble
Episode 2: Direkt36 journalist Szabolcs Panyi on working under surveillance
Episode 3: Apache operational manager Bram Souffreau on community revenue
Episode 4: Divergente co-founders Diogo Cardoso and Sofia da Palma Rodrigues on how to grow and diversify
Episode 5: Dublin Inquirer deputy editor Sam Tranum on local engagement

Episode 6: Átlátszó’s Tamás Bodoky on managing an investigative newsroom that focuses on local stories

Episode 7: The Bristol Cable operations ninja Will Franklin on membership and sociocracy