Episode 1: Zoltán Sipos on jumping the fence and breaking the progressive bubble

In the first episode, we talk to Zoltán Sipos, founder and editor-in-chief of Átlátszó Erdély.

In 2014, Zoltán Sipos was tired of trying to find a job in an environment where there isn’t a lot of room for independent journalism, so he created his own investigative journalism project. Atlátszo Érdély, meaning Transparent Transylvania, was born as the sister publication of the Hungarian outlet Atlátszo, and focuses on issues regarding the Hungarian minority living in the Transylvania region, in Romania.

Thriving in an environment where people don’t know or feel the need for investigative journalism proved to be a challenge. In this episode, we delve into how Atlátszó Erdély found a way to “jump the fence and break the progressive bubble” of its early readers, to reach a wider audience.

Listen to the episode to find out more about Átlátszó Erdély’s struggles and accomplishments within its community.

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